Meet the DOSACAFFE'... the revolutionary new espresso ground coffee saver and dispenser; designed in Italy with the traditional espresso coffee drinker in mind. DOSACAFFE' will hold over 12 ounces of espresso grounds.

By using the DOSACAFFE' you will keep air, light, and humidity out of your coffe & lock in your coffee's Flavor and Aroma.

Best of all, there is no more SCOOPING OR MESS when you use DOSACAFFE'!
The DOSACAFFE comes in beautiful Stainless Steel, and is easy to use. Simply pour your coffee into the top of the DOSACAFFE. Place the DOSACAFFE on the espresso filter plate and "twist it". That's it!

Also Available is the DOSAZUCHERRO (Sugar Dispenser). DOSAZUCHERRO works like the DOSACAFFE' except it dispenses sugar.

Order both the DOSAZUCHERRO and DOSACAFFE' and receive $5 off your total purchase.